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Q: “Does Martial Arts make kids violent?”
Not at all. At Duluth Martial Arts Center Martial Arts Duluth, GA, we teach about peace, harmony, and diplomacy. We are all about teaching kids to avoid fight – not pick them.

Q: “Will my child get injured in martial arts?”
To be honest, sometimes. At Duluth Martial Arts Center, injuries are very, very rare. We have implemented safety measures in all aspects of training because safety is our #1 concern. The kids are greatly supervised by our instructors.

Q: “My child isn’t very athletic. Would he/she be great in martial arts?”
Absolutely! The great thing about Martial Arts Duluth, GA is that it strengthens coordination, flexiblity, agility, endurance, and much more. Martial arts is all about growing, and your child will blossom here. And if your child is greatly athletic, he/she will grow in these skills even more.

Q: “Will my child like Martial Arts? Will they stick with it?”
Yes! Kids of all ages have a blast here. With every class, they are full of smiles and laughter. There are moments in class where intense concentration and focus are required, but we balance it out with fun and games to keep everyone entertained.

Q: “How will Martial Arts improve my child’s confidence?”
Martial Arts is almost like a secret weapon with developing a child’s confidence. Through class, your child will learn the importance of working hard to perfect techniques. As your child advances in Martial Arts because of his/her abilities, the confidence can’t help but soar high.

Q: “How old should my child be to start Martial Arts?
The youngest kids start here is 3-years-old! We have classes that cater to 3-4-years-old (DULUTH MARTIAL ARTS CENTER), and the other classes are divided up by age groups.


Q: “Will I get injured in Martial Arts?”
Because we place priority in safety in all aspects of training, we see very few injuries happening here. And because Martial Arts makes people strong and flexible, they see less injuries in their lives.

Q: “Do I need to be fit to do martial arts?”
Absolutely not! We have seen people from all different walks of life come in here, and they have all grown in their athletic abilities. If you’re not in shape now, Martial Arts will take care of that. Plus, it’s fun!

Q: “Does Martial Arts cause violence?”
At Duluth Martial Arts Center, we teach modern day self-defense. An aspect to self-defense is to avoid violence. Martial Arts teaches how to be more diplomatic and peaceful in situations. What we teach is to help bring peace and balance to people’s lives.