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Learn from the family, who taught Bruce Lee, the ancient Southern Chinese art of Wing Chun, which was created by a nun, while watching a crane and a fox fight.
TaeKwondo is a Korean Martial Art, which utilizes high kicks, turning kicks and jumping kicks as a primary weapon. Today TaeKwondo is one of the most practiced martial arts, world wide, especially since it's inclusion into the Olympics

Olympic / Old Style TaeKwondo

Mon-Wed kids 4:30- 5:30
Intermediate and adults 6:45- 7:45

Sat- Age(4-7) 12:30-1:30
Intermediate and adults Age(8-and Up)9:00 to 10:00

Ip Man Wing Chun

Tue-Thur 5:45- 6:45

Wing Chun & TaeKwondo


Mon-Wed-Fri mornings 7:30- 8:30

Private classes

Mon-Wed-Thur mornings 7:30- 8:30

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Group Fitness Classes

Tue-Thur 4:30-5:30

Women’s Self defense

Thur 5:30- 6:30

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Group fitness / Wing Chun